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The BD Pilates Studio was founded in 2007. It is owned and run by Martin Buchmann, who also works as a trainer. All our personal trainers have a thorough education in the Pilates Method with many years of experience.

Martin Buchmann

Owner, director, trainer
Instruction in German and English

«Pilates is my passion. I love teaching it to people, who have often been coming for years.»

Martin did various sports, also competitively, before discovering the effectiveness of the Pilates training in 2003 for himself following a back operation. After studying at the Pilates Academy of Switzerland, he was certified as a Pilates Personal Trainer for matwork and all the studio apparatus in 2006. He also studied anatomy, physiology and pathology in depth at the Biomedica School for Eastern and Western Medicine.

Teresia Björnberg

Instruction in German, English, Swedish and Finnish

«Pilates is an adventure: Every session is a voyage of discovery into your own body and sensory world.»

Teresia trained for many years in dance, aerobics and yoga. She first came into contact with Pilates in 2006, and it was love at first sight. In 2012 she completed the comprehensive Pilates Personal Trainer educational programme with Charlene Davidson. This involved over 1200 hours of instruction and included an in-depth study of anatomy, physiology and pathology. Teresia is certified for training on all the studio apparatus at every level. She is a member of the professional association Pilatessuisse.

Gioia Heizmann

Freelance trainer
Instruction in German and English

«Pilates training addresses the body, mind and spirit, and it’s so gentle you can do it your whole life long.»

Gioia has been teaching group fitness courses part-time since 1990. She first came into contact with Pilates in 2006. She expanded her knowledge of anatomy, movement and Pilates at various institutions (BodyMindSpirit-Health Concepts, Polestar and Bodymotion). Gioia feels it is important to take a holistic approach to help people harmonise body, mind and spirit. Pilates personal training achieves this goal, through the challenges of strength training, mindfulness through movement sequences, and deep breathing.

Yasemin Karaboga

Freelance trainer
Instruction in German, English and Turkish

«The most wonderful thing is when I can give people greater happiness and quality of life.»

Yasemin trained as an instructor for aerobics (2000) and health/fitness (2002). At that time she also discovered Pilates as the perfect training for herself. Her enthusiasm moved her to study to become a Pilates Personal Trainer at the Pilates Academy of Switzerland (2005). She is certified to teach on the mat and all the Pilates studio apparatus. Since 2008 Yasemin teaches in BD Pilates Studio and continues to educate herself also in other complementary disciplines like biomechanics and breaththerapy.

Tess Zürcher

Freelance trainer
Instruction in German and English

«With Pilates I’ve found a way to go through life with strength and serenity. I want to give this to others.»

Tess, who was originally a high school teacher, encountered Pilates during a difficult time in her life, and through it she found strength, peace and balance. This motivated her to complete training as a Pilates instructor in 2016/2017 (Polestar, PILATESwiss). She was fascinated by the BD Pilates Studio from the first moment she saw it because of its focused, harmonious ambiance. She wants to help her clients on their way to greater strength, both physically and mentally. In addition to her love of Pilates, Tess also trains in boxing.