Martin has been active in sports since his youth.

  Yasemin Karaboga

Yasemin completed a certification programme

  Teresia Björnberg

Teresia’s versatile movement background

  Gioia Heizmann

Gioia has been working part-time in the fitness

  Patricia Kottkamp

Patricia first came into touch with Pilates in January 2009.


Patricia first came into touch with Pilates in January 2009. Still handicapped by an operation she began with the training and was thrilled by the physical progresses she made using the Pilates method. In practicing other sports like jogging, skiing and playing golf she realized that her skills not only came back but even improved remarkably by training the Pilates method. Her enthusiasm and experience inspired her to pass on her know-how. Hence, she completed her education to become a Pilates instructor with „Pilates bodymotion“ in Berne, Zurich and Cologne. The focus of this course contained instructions of the exact motion sequences and various Pilates techniques as well as extended knowledge in anatomy and physiology. Patricia is regularly attending further workshops and observations. Patricia graduated in social pedagogy and accordingly, in her human being is at the center of attention. In this sense Pilates personal training is the ideal method to pass on Pilates exercises individually for each one’s needs. As a freelancer Patricia teaches at -bd pilates studio- in German and English.
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